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Due to essential works required for Angelo Anestis Aquatic Centre, the ground floor change rooms and indoor 25m pool hall mechanical ventilation system will be offline from Tuesday 14th November 2023 through to Friday 24th November 2023. Temporary measures will be put into place during this period including portable units in the change rooms and a slight increase in 25m pool temperature. In order to control air quality and humidity, the indoor 25m pool hall air temperature may be cooler than usual, dependant on weather. No other areas are expected to be affected. Thank you for your understanding.
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Aqua Aerobics: A Low-Impact Fitness Solution 

Aqua aerobics is considered a comfortable exercise for all age groups. It is a fantastic choice for those who are looking for low-intensity exercise with lots of aerobic fun. 

But why should you choose it instead of a gym-based exercise? 

Here are some reasons why you should join Aqua Aerobics: 

  1. It is the best choice for those who have health problems like arthritis, diabetes, overweight, and back problems, as it proves to be gentle on joints. 
  2. Aqua exercises can burn 30% more calories compared to other land exercises. So, if you weigh 75 kg, then you can burn up to 272 calories. 
  3. You get a better muscle workout in the water, as it offers 12–14% more resistance than air. 
  4. If you have experienced flexibility issues with yoga sessions, then aqua aerobics can guarantee you flexibility! The lack of gravity in water makes you move your joints with a full range of motion. 
  5. It helps in improving endurance and strength, as in water, gravity makes your muscles move in two directions. 
aqua aerobics

Who can join Aqua aerobics? 

Aqua aerobics is for everyone who can follow instructions and tolerate being in water. Working out in the water may appeal to someone who enjoys Zumba but does not want to become as heated as in land-based sessions or prefers a low-impact option. 

low-impact exercise

Do Aqua aerobics burn calories? 

Like any other physical activity, aqua aerobics can also help you burn calories. Due to the water resistance, aqua aerobics is considered an excellent cardio workout that can make you burn significant calories. 
The number of calories you burn in any physical activity depends on several factors, like age, weight, and fitness level. 
According to Harvard Health Publishing, a person who weighs 125 pounds can burn 120 calories by doing 30 minutes of aqua aerobics. And doing it for an hour can help you burn 240 calories. A 155-pound individual can burn around 149 calories in 30 minutes and 398 calories in an hour of aqua aerobics. A 185-pound individual may expect to burn 178 calories in 30 minutes and 356 calories in an hour of aqua aerobics. 
While these statistics might help you get started, keep in mind that they are merely approximations. The quantity of calories burned during aqua aerobics will vary from person to person. 

Aqua aerobics offers a fantastic opportunity to add low-impact exercise to your daily routine. By making it a regular part of your fitness routine, you will soon experience the positive effects it has on your overall body. Start your journey towards a healthy one by becoming a member of the Angelo Anestis Aquatic Centre. 

Join our community and discover the exceptional fitness facilities we provide! 

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