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Detox Water: Hype or Healthy Hydration? 

There’s been a lot of talk about the so-called health advantages of “detox water.” It’s true that staying hydrated is crucial for good health. That’s why it’s commonly suggested that you consume eight glasses of water daily. However, some individuals believe that adding additional ingredients into water enhances its health properties. This concoction, known as detox water, is believed to aid in eliminating toxins from your body, boosting your energy levels, and assisting in weight loss. 

What is detox water?

Detox water is a refreshing way to stay hydrated while enjoying the natural flavors of fruits, vegetables, or herbs. It’s a great alternative to sugary drinks and can be easily made at home using your favorite combinations. Plus, since it’s infused with flavour instead of being juiced or blended, it’s low in calories, making it a popular choice for detox diets and weight loss plans. 

How to make detox water?

Detox water is super easy to make at home. All you need are some fruits, veggies, and herbs, along with water, of course. Just chop up your ingredients and toss them into hot or cold water, depending on your preference. The more of an ingredient you add, the stronger the flavour will be. If you want a refreshing cold drink, pop your detox water in the fridge for 1-12 hours to let the flavours really soak in. Just remember to take out the ingredients afterwards to avoid any decomposition. If you’re in a rush, try crushing or bruising your fruits and herbs before adding them to the water. This will help release the flavours faster. 
Here are some popular detox water combos you can try: 

  • Cucumber and mint 
  • Lemon and ginger 
  • Blackberry and orange 
  • Lemon and cayenne pepper 
  • Watermelon and mint 
  • Grapefruit and rosemary 
  • Orange and lemon 
  • Lemon and lime 
  • Strawberry and basil. 

Give them a try and see which one suits best for your taste buds! 

detox water

Health benefits of detox water 

1. Helps with weight loss 
Drinking water, including detox water, can aid in weight loss. Water has been found to temporarily increase your metabolic rate, leading to more calories burned. Studies have shown that drinking 17 ounces of water can boost your metabolic rate by up to 30% for about an hour. People who drink the recommended amount of water tend to lose more weight than those who don’t. One study even found that drinking water before meals resulted in 40% more weight loss for overweight adults. 
2. Improves digestive health  
Staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining a healthy digestive system and regular bowel movements. Chronic dehydration can lead to constipation, which can make you feel bloated and sluggish. Drinking plenty of water can help food move smoothly through your gut and prevent constipation. 
3. Improves mood and energy levels 
Even mild dehydration can have a negative impact on your mood, concentration, and energy levels. Studies have shown that a dehydration level of just 1% can significantly decrease mood, reduce concentration span, and cause headaches. Increasing your water intake can help improve your overall mood and energy levels.  
So, while detox water may not be a magical cure-all, it does offer some real health benefits. 

Drinking detox water to enhance your body’s detox pathways may not be very effective, but it’s still a nutritious beverage that offers some health advantages. Nonetheless, you can likely to get similar benefits by sticking to plain water. Many individuals, however, find plain water uninteresting. If adding fruits and vegetables to your water helps you consume the recommended daily amount of water and cut down on sugary beverages, then it’s a positive choice.  
While detox waters may offer some benefits, we believe in a holistic approach that addresses every aspect of your well-being, from proper hydration to targeted exercise routines and nutritional guidance. 
Become a member today and experience the transformative power of our expert-led programs designed to ignite your body’s natural detoxification processes, boost your energy levels, and release your full potential. Our certified trainers and nutritionists will guide you through personalised fitness routines, tailored meal plans, and a supportive community that celebrates your victories every step of the way. 

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