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Due to essential works required for Angelo Anestis Aquatic Centre, the ground floor change rooms and indoor 25m pool hall mechanical ventilation system will be offline from Tuesday 14th November 2023 through to Friday 24th November 2023. Temporary measures will be put into place during this period including portable units in the change rooms and a slight increase in 25m pool temperature. In order to control air quality and humidity, the indoor 25m pool hall air temperature may be cooler than usual, dependant on weather. No other areas are expected to be affected. Thank you for your understanding.
Bayside Council

Learn to Swim Program: Launching on 17 July 

learn to swim program

Angelo Anestis Aquatic Centre is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Learn to Swim program. Designed specifically for the residents of the community, this program aims to enable young swimmers to develop their swimming skills and proficiency through a structured and supportive learning environment. Your instructors are trained professionals that deliver the ideal support for your child to master the art of swimming.

We have chosen the symbolic animals that you may have seen in the Bayside area. These fun characters are the levels of proficiency, and we use them to grade your kids. On your next walk within the Bayside community, you may like to try and find the green and golden bell frog, Eastern Water Dragon, Pacific Black Duck, Eastern Snake-necked Turtle, Australian Pelican, and Black Swan all reside in the Bayside area.

Here’s what sets our learning program apart:

All ages, abilities and skill levels welcomed

Specially created for all ages, abilities, and skill levels. Our babies’ programs start for the age of 6 months old, and we have the right programs for children, adolescents, and adults. It does not matter whether you are a complete beginner or looking to refine your technique, we have a suitable program for you. Our lessons are easily adapted to cater for any specific needs.

A practical membership approach

Our ‘Learn to Swim’ program will run for 48 weeks of the year. There is no need to enrol every term as your lesson time will be secure. There will be a pause over the holidays of Christmas and New Year, and outside of this, lessons can be paused for up to 6 weeks per year.

Free swimming outside lesson times

We care about your progression. Any student enrolled in a swim lesson membership has free access to the pool outside of their lesson times. This will be a great way for you to practice your new skills.

Excited and fully trained teachers

All our teachers have been trained by leading industry bodies who undergo regular training to ensure our teachers remain at the forefront of any new teaching trends. Our teachers care about your progression. 

Our program is designed to empower our Bayside Community. Register now and get equipped with essential swimming skills. 

Cost of Swim School Program

The program has a very simple cost structure and each lesson will be charged at $21. These can be paid for using Direct Debit and will be deduced according to your arrangement with our Swim School Coordinator. Please get in touch with the team to get started! 

Register now and get equipped with an essential life skill & have some fun while you’re at it! 


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